Media - New Inventors book LOOK AT THAT!

January 2010

After six years on ABC TV, The New Inventors has featured nearly 700 amazing Australian inventions, including a re-usable coffin, a two-headed drill, a hands-free tap, a collapsible water tank, a pointy bike helmet, a bird-friendly fish hook, a double-clipping clothes peg and a sticky bowl.

Look At That! explores some of the most ingenious and surprising inventions The New Inventors has presented - the winners of accolades both on the show and around the world. It provides a detailed account of 50 inventions and reveals what has happened to them since they appeared on television, as well as highlighting scores of other inventions seen on the show.

A treasure trove of great ideas and amazing solutions for readers aged eight to 80, Look At That! is the perfect book for anyone interested in what Australia’s best and brightest are up to in their back sheds.