Artifact (work in progress)

cardboard, paper, rock

A strange but true work.
This is an entry point to flex and rebuild our mythological consciousness through the offering of a creation story for Watch This Space. Our mythological consciousness has been with us for 50,000 years but has been out weighed by the deity of reason and thought. This isn’t an either or scenario, this is a way to understand and believe other ways of being in addition to what we already have.

As delivered to the community of WTS; we must continue to understand how we have come here and exist here historically and politically etc, but we also need a mythological arrival. To you I offer that we, those that are part of the WTS entity, have been delivered to this place by mythical mega-fauna, that we have become who we are in the lead-up (either in place or out) and then brought here. The story of Babe [placed at intervals throughout the tunnel) is, or can be, our story, our entry point, our training to start seeing this place as the living land and sky that we move through and live on/with. I’ve seen this, twice. It’s possible to be here in multiple ways and shift or off-set the ways we’ve been taught to value the country, it’s stories and songs and each other.

As a designer one of my strongest responsibilities is to be empathetic to the way you experience objects and spaces and in turn how that effects your relationships with others. I guess this is a foray into psychology. Or maybe not, maybe it’s still a spatial and social project. I hope you had the opportunity to be embodied by the story (thank you KL for these words), that the physicalness of it helps with the mental heavy lifting. It is a simple story, but it has to be, we need to arrive and practice thinking and seeing in new ways.
Artifact is part of Designing Mythology, a project proudly sponsored by the Northern Territory Government.