The traditional billy is a classic of Australian design - an icon of simple elegance and self-sufficiency - yet it has largely been left behind by most Australians. The Urban Billy updates this icon in a way that brings its unique qualities back to life. What the traditional billy did so well, the modern version retains: it brings people together for the ritual of a shared cup of tea, involving them in the timeless actions of this process. More subtly, the Urban Billy creates a moment in which they can watch the casually beautiful and fascinating transition of water from liquid to gas.

Made with five pieces of hand-formed borosilicate glass, with turned and bent mountain ash sleeves and lids, the Urban Billy is everything you need to share a cup of tea with someone. Even the white spirit fuel to heat the water is housed inside.

Makers; Oscar Prieckaerts and Kent Carruthers

Photographs; Grant Hancock


Urban Billy


Hand-formed borosilicate glass, Mountain Ash, cork

225 x 90 x 90mm