The Ipomoea plant, otherwise known as Bush Potato or Yala by Pintupi people, is a staple bush food across the central and western desert regions. A potato-like tuber grows in the roots of the plant, and digging these up is an opportunity for socialising. The Yala plant flowers after desert rains.

Yala Sofa blossoms in the company of others and provides an inspiring space for people to come together. Using a thermochromatic ink, the Ipomoea flowers remain invisible until the heat from the bodies of those sitting on the sofa ‘activates’ the ink and the flowers are revealed.

Yala Sofa


Thermochromatic Ink, digital print, plywood, Laminex, stainless steel components

780 x 530 x 1200mm

Makers; Oscar Prieckaerts, Jodie